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After the devastating events of 9/11, the world witnessed an amazing
coming together of all types of people. In a flash, all of the old
boundaries (from geographic to socio-economic) exploded and fell into
oblivion along with the twin towers.

I found myself being so moved by the outpouring of emotions and
generosity. After lifetimes of self-serving, indulgent attitudes,
people suddenly discovered the real meaning of life: loving and
helping all humanity achieve harmony and happiness.

It is with this changed attitude that this website exists. The excitement
and joy that I receive from another family finding a system to achieve
their hopes, dreams, and goals is indescribable. When you find your
ultimate harmony and happiness, it makes me feel that I'm doing what
I was put on this earth to do.

Thank you for that opportunity.

Copyright Eric Buck
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.