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Congratulations on finding some of the GREATEST proven income
programs on the Internet! My name is Eric Buck. I owned a small candy
and caramelcorn shop in a busy mall for 15 years. My mother made our
chocolates by hand from recipes that were handed down from many
generations. On September 11, 2001 our nation suffered tremendous
damage at the hands of terrorists. It was a shocking event that created
many different emotions. One of the most powerful emotions for me
(besides the tremendous sadness) was the feeling that I could be doing
something better, and there may not be a tomorrow. I loved working
with my mother every day; however, a brick and mortar business is
very expensive (rent, employees, etc.) and I knew many people were
making an amazing amount of money working at home on the Internet.

So, I sold my store September 11, 2001 and started investigating making
money on the Internet. I have done an amazing amount of research, and am
proud to introduce you to the top opportunities. I welcome you to look
around, and e-mail me with any questions that you may have. It is very
important to help each other, and you may be surprised to see that I will
be spending my own personal money to help you in my featured programs!

Thank you for your interest, and I have some FREE gifts for you.

Eric Buck, CEO

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